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However, with first cousin incest and with just cohabitation in an intentional family, the laws are far more permissive than they realize. As far as the broad category of incest fantasies go, many of these fantasies start during puberty and then either move from one woman to another, before fading out or dying off when other life priorities take our minds off of them.

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For instance, the state of Rhode Island, in order to please certain Jewish voters removed all penalties against incestuous sex, but retain them for incestuous marriage.

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Now there are incestuous societies that exist, primarily on the internet, but they tend to use euphemisms and are very cautious before they allow new incestuous couples into their groups, usually researching any new prospective members and using lawyers as intermediaries, using attorney-client privilege as a shield to protect them from any law enforcement or vigilante inspired stings. They seemed to have done better for you. Swinging - The third way the harem fantasy is lived out is by the married couple joining or creating a swinger community.

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  1. She wore a miniskirt and a crop top and cousin or no cousin hormones took over and for a few months I masturbated to fantasies of her. These relationships survive only when there exists an alpha female among the multiple women in the relationship who is sometimes given the label of First Wife.

  2. Sneaking - They sneak around and hope they do not get caught by anyone who would care enough to turn them in to law enforcement. The idea with this arrangement is that men will be tempted to cheat, so if there are two or more women who are approved of by the wife or at least tolerated and known by the wife, there is less of a chance that STDs and other problems will enter into the marriage, making for a more stable society.